Making Product Security a Priority – Webinar with 451 Research

Why device vendors and asset owners are focusing on product security

With the surge in product and device connectivity and the overwhelming risk of inherited supply chain exposures, there are more opportunities than ever for malicious actors to exploit the devices’ software security vulnerabilities. Device manufacturers and asset owners can mitigate these risks by putting a stronger emphasis on product security throughout the product lifecycle.

The product security function is emerging as a strategic means to reduce risks, comply with tightening regulations, and win customers’ trust. While it plays a vital role in every stage of the product lifecycle, product security is a relatively new concept that is not yet well-defined.   

This webinar aims to raise awareness and provide insights on product security from 1st-hand engagements with leading product security organizations and 451’s research and market expertise. 

In this webinar you will learn about: 

  • Trends in product security for connected products and embedded software   

  • Security risks and business challenges facing device manufacturers and asset owners in securing connected devices  

  • The role, function, and importance of product security throughout the software development lifecycle   

  • Best practices and real industry use cases for product security implementation across the device lifecycle 

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Making Product Security a Priority – Webinar with 451 Research