Security Analysis

Automated connected device security analysis

Get all the information you need to quickly and efficiently achieve optimal security for the connected products you bring to market. Vdoo’s automated platform combines software composition analysis, deep static and dynamic security analysis, and device-aware vulnerability assessment in a single solution. It inspects your devices’ binary images to deliver comprehensive insights based on the entire device context – including CVEs and other known vulnerabilities, hardening and configuration issues, and potential zero-days in internally developed or third-party software – without requiring access to their source code.

Vdoo lets you quickly identify, prioritize and address actual security gaps, achieving highly accurate device-specific findings based on advanced binary analysis and machine learning techniques, which rely on the security intelligence feed created by our expert team.

Reduce security risks

Gain the visibility you need to effectively address security exposures at any stage of the device lifecycle, before or after deployment. 

  • Easily identify main areas of risk and prioritize fixes based on detailed device-specific guidance 
  • Uncover known and potential zero-day vulnerabilities through deep device binary analysis 
  • Perform vulnerability assessment of third-party products and components without having to depend on the vendor 
reduce security risk
Improve Process Efficiency

Improve process efficiency

Simplify and automate your connected (IoT) device security analysis efforts across the device lifecycle. 

  • Get device-specific, actionable security information on demand with automated scanning 
  • Simplify vulnerability management using categorized lists of open issues and contextual prioritization data 
  • Streamline security analysis and validation practices by integrating the Vdoo platform into your device development, procurement, production and operational workflows 

Differentiate your offering

Meet customers’ requirements and demonstrate your commitment to product security while maintaining agility. 

  • Cover all your security assessment and validation needs while keeping to your time-to-market and budget plans with a single automated platform 
  • Easily show your products’ security level with high-level and detailed security assessment reports 
  • Proactively protect your brand reputation by quickly discovering and fixing issues before attackers can exploit them 
Differentiate your offering

Why Analyze Your Device Security with Vdoo?

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