Embedded Protection

Real-time embedded security solution

Even connected (IoT) devices developed with the highest security standards are exposed to emerging threats and yet unknown vulnerabilities after they are deployed in the field. Vdoo’s embedded IoT security agent solution helps you address these risks with comprehensive runtime device protection capabilities. Our Integrated Device Security platform automatically generates an embedded runtime agent that is easy to deploy on the device and provides rapid threat mitigation capabilities without requiring any modification of existing device code.

The agent is tailor-built for each specific device based on in-depth security analysis findings, achieving maximal effectiveness with minimal footprint and negligible performance impact. It provides advanced runtime mitigation capabilities against both known and unknown threats by detecting suspicious device activity, creating real-time security alerts, and actively preventing actions typically taken by attackers when attempting to exploit embedded systems. Protect against varied attack methods such as the use of default credentials, exploitation of unsecured APIs and other software vulnerabilities, leveraging faulty communication protocols, firmware overwrites, or execution of brute-force attacks.

Mitigate threats in real-time

Implement an efficient solution to quickly address a range of known and unknown threats. 

  • Easily integrate an independent and easy-to-deploy agent to mitigate new threats, postponing complex patches or upgrades and achieving long-term protection even on legacy devices
  • Quickly detect and respond to attack attempts with real-time security alerts and active exploit prevention mechanisms
  • Generate the agent in one click, based on full analysis of the device’s attributes and configuration, with easily configurable security policies
Mitigate Threats in Real-time
Protect Your Reputation

Protect your reputation

Protect your business from attacks by fortifying devices with critical runtime security from newly discovered vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits.

  • Implement multiple protection layers including remote code execution, device resource utilization and device integrity protection mechanisms
  • Provide your customers with optimal device security without negatively impacting your devices’ functionality and performance

Monetize device security

Expand your offering with value-added security capabilities. 

  • Add value for your customers by ensuring long-term device security 
  • Create premium offerings with devices containing post-deployment runtime protection
Monetize Device Security

Why Protect Your Devices Post-Deployment with Vdoo?

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