Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in Qualcomm QCMAP

Ori Hollander, Asaf Karas  October 14, 2020
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Ori Hollander-Security Researcher

Ori Hollander

Security Researcher

Ori is a Security Researcher at Vdoo where he uncovers new vulnerabilities in connected products. Before joining Vdoo, he was part of the Israeli Defense Forces’ technology unit in roles focused on the analysis and development of embedded devices.

Asaf Karas-co-founder and CTO

Asaf Karas

Co-founder and CTO

Asaf is a co-founder and the CTO of Vdoo. Before joining Vdoo, Asaf spent almost 15 years leading security research at the Israeli Defense Forces. There, he specialized in areas such as reverse engineering, device debugging, network forensics, malware analysis, big data and anomaly detection, and, as a branch leader, managed a team of over 100 cyber specialists.

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