Real-Time Alerts Feed

VDOO’s cyber security knowhow is leveraged to provide automated push alerts and intelligence updates in real-time in the form of a feed to any of your security management systems once a new threat that may affect your devices is found. In many cases, the alerts will be followed by mitigation instructions for the device or network it resides in, allowing you to proactively take the right security measures to mitigate the risks and become safe against future exploitation attempts.

Threats are always evolving and may affect devices or networks that are considered as secure as possible. This is relevant for all cyber security spaces, and specifically for the IoT cyber security space where attackers are aware of the huge potential the embedded ecosystem holds and therefore keep searching for new vulnerabilities and attack methods. Keeping up-to-date with the latest emerging threats is critical for protecting your devices and the network they are connected to. Whistler™ will alert you to newly discovered vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered to allow you to always stay one step ahead of the attackers.


Automated analysis

Whistler™ is tailored for each device based on analysis of its firmware binary

Device profile generation

Whistler™ generates a unique alerts profile based on the device and the threats it is exposed to

Real-time push-alerts

Whistler™ immediately sends alerts that are relevant to the device profile as soon as any new threat is discovered

Guided mitigation steps

Whistler™ provides not just an alerts feed but also an essential, detailed mitigation guide

Key features

Always updated
Stay up-to-date with the latest security updates relevant to your embedded devices
Device focused
Receive noiseless alerts to discover only the threats affecting your connected devices, including newly found vulnerabilities
Mitigation guidance
The immediate alerts allow you to patch the device as fast as possible with a device-specific step-by-step mitigation guide
One step ahead
Don’t let the attacker surprise you—become aware of threats affecting your devices and mitigate them as they emerge
Fast remediation
Real-time alerts and updates allow you to take proactive measures to protect your network
Description of VDOO’s solution for real-time security updates and alerts