The Vdoo Advantage

Providing full-lifecycle product security at scale

In order to provide optimal product security, it must be addressed across the entire device lifecycle - from the first stage of product design, through ongoing validation in the development cycle, and all the way to real-time monitoring and protection after deployment. This is where Vdoo comes in with a holistic full-lifecycle device security solution that is designed to rapidly scale across multiple business units and product lines by providing full visibility and actionable insights into all device security processes at every managerial level. In addition, it includes everything product security and development teams need to quickly implement required security measures, with smooth integration into existing systems and workflows.

Putting the device at the center

Our approach to product security starts and ends with an absolute focus on connected devices and the domain knowledge required to secure them. This is the key to success when it comes to the device security challenge, enabling companies to fully own the security of their devices in a fast, scalable and cost-effective manner. Our platform offers automated technologies that can analyze any device and understand its specific threat landscape and security gaps, which then enable the generation of multi-layered run-time protection shields for both new and legacy devices in the field.

Focusing on the security issues that really matter

One of Vdoo’s key differentiators is the ability to prioritize critical security gaps for our customers, enabling fast resolution of the issues that are actually exploitable on their specific devices. While other solutions provide long lists of vulnerabilities with many false positives that security experts need to sift through at length, our Integrated Device Security platform eliminates the need for that kind of resource-intensive work and reduces risk by focusing on the security exposures that really matter. By analyzing the device’s firmware binary image, rather than its source code, we are able to take into account the full device context – its attributes, components and configuration - and pinpoint the issues that would make most impact in real-world attack scenarios.

Solving the supply chain challenge

One of the key device security challenges is having to work with complex supply chain processes that don’t provide visibility into the security of third-party components. Even if you’re aware of insecure components, third-party providers may take months or years to fix their code or respond to discovered vulnerabilities. Vdoo helps manufacturers gain visibility into the components of their devices so they can quickly scale up their ability to fix critical security issues by focusing on security gap mitigation and hardening. In addition, this process is based on balanced prioritization of requirements rather than broad code-fixing that takes much longer, negatively impacting both time-to-market and development budgets.

The device experts behind the technology

Although we are very proud of our powerful market-leading technology platform, the Vdooers behind it are just as important. Our embedded system experts all have extensive experience in device security, which means that they are able to provide our customers with the perspective they need to succeed. As a result, they quickly become their trusted advisors and often have direct impact on their corporate vision when it comes to device security – from why they must do it, through how to achieve it, and all the way to what needs to be done at every step of the way.

Why does the Vdoo approach work so well?

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