Mission-critical devices across multiple industries

Today’s connected products are the basis for mission-critical operations across multiple verticals - medical device manufacturers provide hospitals with products ranging from an MRI machine to a pacemaker, automotive OEMs source connected components from their tier 1 suppliers, telecommunication companies provision routers from network hardware vendors, energy conglomerates install smart meters at customer sites, and automation companies develop industrial IoT machinery and smart building infrastructure.


Device security levels create significant risks

Although these products undoubtedly provide numerous benefits, they also have one glaring fault – their security levels have not kept up with their rapid proliferation. This problem will only keep growing as the market shifts towards an always-connected default, with connectivity added even to previous generations of devices. This shift has introduced even more security gaps, leading to results ranging from plain inconvenience to disrupted business continuity to possibly disastrous financial and safety-related damages.

Effectively implement security in connected products

Companies that manufacture, sell or provide services for connected devices are (or should be) looking for ways to effectively manage the security and risk levels of their connected products. Those that will succeed will not only be considered thought leaders in terms of both security and digital transformation, but will also achieve a range of business- and security-related goals:


Why use the Vdoo Integrated Device Security Platform?

Industrial Systems
Industrial Systems

Device security is critical for Industrial IoT (IIoT) environments as IT and OT converge

medical devices
Medical Devices

Nearly half of healthcare execs consider Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices a major risk

Automotive & Transportation
Automotive & Transportation

Smart vehicles may have many connected components and millions of lines of code

Safety & Security

90% of cameras can be hijacked and fire alarms can be rendered useless from afar

Building Automation
Building Automation

Seemingly low-risk systems may compromise critical building infrastructure

Network & Telecom

Threats to networks leverage increasingly complex and high-impact attack vectors

Office/Home IoT Devices
Office/Home IoT Devices

IoT devices greatly increase personal and corporate exposure to the risk of cyberattacks

Energy & Utilities
Energy & Utilities

The prospect of attacks on critical infrastructure has become a global threat

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