VDOO offers an end-to-end IoT security platform that enables the identification of the right security requirements for each specific device, and provides IoT vendors with analysis tools, and guidance in implementing action items.

Coupled with an authority that can vouch for the security of a connected device, vendors, end-users and organizations can feel more confident about the security of any device by digital certification and post-deployment protection. This will allow all parties to make informed decisions and feel confident that they are being protected.

IoT Solution

Device-focused Security Requirements

Through automatic classification and analysis of every aspect of the IoT device, we create a device-specific threat landscape and generate actionable security requirements.


Security Gap Analysis

A comprehensive gap analysis allows us to determine the existing and missing security measures on the device, and as such, the immediate risks they pose.

Gap Analysis
Security Implementation

Security Implementation

Automatically generated guidelines provide practical and actionable implementation instructions, as well as the tools, services and partnerships that enforce security throughout the life cycle of the device, quickly, easily and cost effectively.



At the completion of the process we verify the implementation and ensure the security of the device. We then provide a visual and digital seal to indicate the state of security to all other systems. We also implement a certification agent that enables post-deployment protection, via integration with other systems and proprietary agent capabilities.

Security Trust