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Securing connected components
in smart vehicles

The security challenge of connected transportation vehicles

Text BoxThe number of connected vehicles, including cars, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes and more, is increasing rapidly, and with it the number of connected components to the point where a single vehicle can include hundreds of millions of lines of code. But the exponential growth in connectivity between these components and between them and external systems, has created significant new data privacy and physical safety risks. Vulnerabilities in a seemingly low-risk component such as the car’s infotainment system may end up compromising critical functionality, posing an immediate physical threat to the car’s driver and passengers. The variety of interfaces and communication protocols used by the different systems add even more critical risks, such as control takeover and interception of communications. 

Automotive & Transportation Industry

Strategic imperative for the entire transportation ecosystem

The increasing complexity of connected systems and the recent proliferation in the number of vulnerabilities and offensive activities has pushed customers and regulatory agencies to rapidly increase their demands for improved security. At the same, it has significantly increased the security-related risks to the business, reputation and bottom-line of manufacturers, OEMS and suppliers in the automotive and transportation sector. As a result, this has become a challenging yet critical imperative which requires the entire ecosystem to quickly scale up their ability to provide optimal device security. For example, by adding security audits for all the components flowing through the Tier1 – OEM supply chain. To achieve trust and protect their business, they must integrate security across all embedded components and during the vehicle’s entire lifecycle.

Achieve optimal security for all connected components

This is where Vdoo comes in with the only automated device security platform that covers the entire lifecycle of each connected component – from design, development and testing to production, deployment and maintenance. Our Integrated Security Platform is designed to rapidly scale across multiple business units and product lines, providing everything automotive and transportation companies need to secure their connected products including security analysis, gap resolution, compliance validation, embedded protection, operations monitoring and actionable insights. The platform addresses both known and unknown vulnerabilities for first and third-party components to ensure maximum security across complex supply chains where access to the source code is often not possible.


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