Autonomous Security Analysis and Mitigation
Whether you develop or deploy IoT devices, Vision™ automatically analyzes your device in an agnostic manner to generate its specific security requirements, including mitigation & hardening guidance applicable for both new devices and existing install base, in a cost-effective manner. 
Securing IoT devices requires specific knowhow for each device and its attributes as well as visibility into third-party components. When delivering the devices to the market quickly, a manual security approach is not applicable since it is long and costly, especially when examining a huge existing install base retrospectively. An automated approach is definitely preferred as long as it provides balanced device-specific security requirements. The time has arrived for an automated analysis approach to improve security architecture.

Key features

Fast & scalable solution

Device-specific security gap analysis generates relevant-only requirements within 30 minutes, to any IoT device type. 

Focused mitigation guide

Requirements sorting by criticality level and implementation effort including step-by-step mitigation and hardening guide for various findings: CVEs, backdoors, malpractices, bad security architecture, potential suspected zero-days, and more. 

Easy SDLC integration

The analysis report is displayed via user-friendly web interface and can augment the CI process using VDOO’s REST API.

Device attributes visibility

The analysis generates a software and hardware bill of materials (BOM) and cyber security BOM (CBOM), including third-party components. 

Industry standards

Compliance check with leading global IoT security standards and requirements mapping into NIST, ENISA, DCMS, IoTSF, and others.