Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Security

Premarket and postmarket cybersecurity for connected medical devices
45% of healthcare executives see a significant risk in IoT devices, and with just reason. A connected drug pump attacked through memory overflow could allow attackers to tamper with the device, damaging its integrity and threatening patients’ lives. Similarly, a blood-gas analyzer infiltrated by malware could lead to lateral movement and extraction of sensitive patient data. Attacks like these not only pose threats to patients but also make device developers and health providers liable, damaging their reputation and shareholder equity. 

Whether it’s a stationary, ambient, wearable or implanted device, you need end-to-end security.

Our engine automatically provides the blueprints for premarket security by design, security gap analysis, hardening guidance, and implementation validation. Assuring devices are ready to comply with industry regulations with lists of related vulnerabilities, Cybersecurity Bill of Materials (CBoM) and more. Our physical and digital security certification will help you gain health provider and user trust, while our solutions for postmarket protection will keep you secure from and up to date with the latest attacks and vulnerabilities.

This is how we help you secure the IoT world

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