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The security challenge of connected medical devices

​45% of healthcare executives see a significant risk in Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices, and with just reason. A connected drug pump attacked through memory overflow could allow attackers to tamper with the device, damaging its integrity and threatening patient lives. Similarly, a blood-gas analyzer infiltrated by malware could lead to lateral movement and extraction of sensitive patient data. Attacks like these not only pose threats to patients but also leave device manufacturers and health providers liable for any damages, posing reputational, monetary and legal risks. Whether stationary, ambient, wearable or implanted devices, they must all be secure.  ​

Medical Devices Industry
Medical devices

Strategic imperative for the entire healthcare ecosystem

The recent proliferation in the number of connected medical device vulnerabilities and offensive activities has pushed customers and regulatory agencies to rapidly increase their demands for improved medical device security. At the same time, it has significantly increased the security-related risks to the business, reputation and bottom-line of medical device manufacturers and vendors. As a result, this has become a strategic imperative which requires companies to quickly scale up their ability to provide optimal device security.

Achieving optimal security for connected IoMT products

This is where Vdoo comes in with the only automated device security platform that covers the entire medical IoT device lifecycle – from design, development and testing to deployment and maintenance. Our Integrated Device Security Platform is designed to rapidly scale across multiple business units and product lines, providing everything companies need to secure their connected medical products including security analysis, gap resolution, compliance validation, embedded protection, operations monitoring and actionable insights. The platform addresses both known and unknown vulnerabilities for first- and third-party components to ensure maximum security across complex supply chains where access to the source code is often not possible.

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Why use the Vdoo Integrated Device Security Platform?

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