Securing Connected Devices for Smart Cities

Smart city cybersecurity starts with secure IoT devices

In smart city projects around the world connected IoT devices such as street and traffic lights, security cameras and waste management systems are becoming common. As city stakeholders leverage these devices to gain a better understanding of security and operations to become more efficient in it, they also become more vulnerable to cyberattacks that pose threats to citizens.

Cyber risks make security for connected products in smart cities a must.

Our engine automatically provides the blueprints for security by design, security gap analysis, hardening guidance, and implementation validation. Our physical and digital security certification will help you gain user and stakeholder trust, while our solutions for post-deployment protection will keep you secure, from and up-to-date with the latest attacks and vulnerabilities.

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Our platform’s benefits

Requirement & vulnerabilities
Understand and track what security requirements, threats, and vulnerabilities are related to your devices
Automated guidance
Receive step-by-step guidance on how to solve your devices’ open security issues
Security certification
Receive an objective third party certification stating that the security of your devices is aligned with leading standards
Tailored security agent
Keep your devices protected from zero-day vulnerabilities with our automatically tailored agent
Threat intelligence
Prepare mitigation for device-specific attack methods, predict future attacks, and reveal new vulnerabilities

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