Vdoo Announces a Partnership with Macnica Networks for the Distribution of its IoT Security Solution in Japan

March 05, 2019

Tel-Aviv, Israel — Vdoo Connected Trust Ltd., a pioneer in security automation of embedded devices is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Macnica Networks Corp., a leading supplier of network equipment and security solutions in Japan.

Both companies have been in close cooperation to ensure that all Vdoo’s products are suitable for the wide range of embedded devices manufactured by Macnica’s customers. Among such Vdoo products are Vision™ for automated firmware analysis and hardening, ERA™ on-device agent protection against known and unknown threats, CertIoT™ physical and digital certification, Quicksand™ honeypot for predictive security and Whistler™ real-time intelligence for new threats notifications.

Macnica Networks plan to commence supplying Vdoo’s automated IoT security solution in Japan starting April 2019. “By utilizing Vdoo's solutions, Macnica Networks will provide an end-to-end offering for IoT device vendors that will improve the overall security level of the devices, both in their development and deployment,” said Jun Ikeda, President at Macnica Networks. “There is great potential in the Japanese market and a huge demand for Vdoo’s products as security is becoming a standard and part of the product quality requirements. In addition, the global regulation around IoT security is quickly progressing towards practical restrictions that will force manufacturers to embed security in their devices by design.”

“The cooperation with Macnica is another important step allowing manufacturers and integrators in Japan to enjoy a higher security bar,” said Netanel Davidi, Co-CEO at Vdoo. “We find that the relationship between Macnica and their customers is highly based on trust, vast experience and high-level skills, which make Macnica a meaningful partner for Vdoo in order to provide our solutions as an answer to the immediate demand for IoT security in Japan.”

As part of the launch of Vdoo’s solution in Japan, Macnica’s customers who are interested in a free trial of Vision™, Vdoo’s autonomous security analysis and mitigation solution, can analyze their devices’ firmware and receive a detailed sample report with device-specific security requirements and a detailed mitigation guide which adheres to cyber security best practices.

The sample report will also provide Macnica’s customers with the visibility into their device’s components including software and hardware bill of materials (BOM). Moreover, the analysis process includes verification of compliance with leading global IoT security standards and requirements such as CCDS, NIST, ENISA, DCMS, IoTSF, and others.

About Macnica Networks

MACNICA NETWORKS is a technology trading company that provides various network equipment and software with state-of-the-art technology through partnerships with many foreign companies, to achieve a rich lineup and complete service ranging from product introduction to operation/maintenance support.

About Vdoo

Vdoo was established in 2017 to pioneer embedded systems security, with an end-to-end solution of security automation, certification, and protection. The Vdoo founders’ backgrounds include an endpoint cybersecurity startup acquired by Palo Alto Networks, as well as notable experience serving in elite units of the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

For additional information, please contact info@vdoo.com or visit our website at https://vdoo.com

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