VDOO and CCDS to Promote Device Security in Japan

June 18, 2020

VDOO and CCDS to Promote Awareness of Device Security in Japan With Free Risk Assessments

The joint goal of CCDS and VDOO is to ensure all connected (IoT) devices are safe and secure

19 June 2020 / Tokyo – VDOO Connected Trust Ltd., provider of the leading integrated device security platform, today announced that they have partnered with the Connected Consumer Device Security Council (CCDS) to promote the security of connected devices in Japan, especially those intended for consumer use.  

VDOO fully agrees with the CCDS mission which is to ensure that connected consumer devices are safe and secure, avoiding unexpected device behavior which could risk people’s lives, finances and property. Based in VDOO’s extensive experience in ensuring the security of connected devices, it will support this mission through the use of its breakthrough device security risk assessment and protection technology.  

VDOO will provide a free security risk assessment service to Japanese device manufacturers, whether or not they are members of CCDS. After they apply on the CCDS site and upload their device’s firmware, they will very quickly receive their free risk assessment report which provides high-level insights into their device’s security profile including its overall threat level, the potential impact of unresolved security exposures, the number of CVEs, and more. The service also statically checks whether the device software is in accordance with the CCDS common IoT security requirements, although it does not directly enable a company to receive CCDS certification. 

The free risk analysis service, which will be offered starting Q3 2020, is based on the VDOO Vision solution which performs automated device security analysis and risk assessments, and provides comprehensive coverage of known and potential security issues, including for third party components, with device-aware issue prioritization and detailed guidance that help quickly fix any security gaps.

“We are very pleased to be working with the CCDS organization in attaining the goal of ensuring that each and every Japanese consumer can rest assured that the connected devices they are using at home are safe and secure,” said Nati Davidi, CEO at VDOO. “Considering the rapid increase in the number of connected consumer devices in Japan and across the world, we are offering a timely service to the local manufacturing industry in the hope of working with them to secure all consumer devices.”

“Threats on IoT devices and services are spreading. Manufacturers need to know the vulnerabilities in their devices more than ever before. In addition, it is becoming difficult to keep track of all the open source software versions that devices are using. CCDS welcomes VDOO to provide a free security risk assessment service to Japanese manufacturers,” said Tsukasa Ogino, Representative Director at CCDS.

About VDOO

The VDOO Integrated Device Security Platform is the only automated solution that ensures optimal security across the entire device lifecycle. The platform provides everything companies need to secure their connected products including security analysis, gap resolution, embedded protection, operations monitoring, executive insights and threat intelligence.

Our strategic approach to securing connected devices has helped leading manufacturers and service providers across the globe rapidly scale up their device security capabilities across multiple products lines and business units, enabling them to significantly shorten their time-to-market, reduce resource requirements, increase sales and lower their overall risk profiles.

VDOO has received $45 million in funding from prominent investors including leading Japanese firms such as MS&AD HOLDINGS and NTT DOCOMO. VDOO has sold its solutions to multiple Japanese customers through local distribution partners Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and Macnica Networks Corp..

For more information, please visit our website at www.vdoo.com or email us at info@vdoo.com.

About CCDS

The Connected Consumer Device Security Council (CCDS) in Japan focuses on connected consumer devices which are not operated (monitored and controlled) by professionals. Their goal is to ensure that these devices and safe and secure, avoiding unexpected device behavior which could risk people’s lives, finances and property. CCDS promotes security awareness and aims to become to reference point for best practices to all stakeholders, companies and organizations in these domains.

Media contacts

Inquiries in English - Tamar Belkin, VP Marketing, VDOO, press@vdoo.com

Inquiries in Japanese - Toshiaki Ito, Japan Country Manager, VDOO, japan_info@vdoo.com

VDOO とCCDSは日本におけるIoTデバイスのセキュリティ向上のために、アセスメントサービスを提供することで提携

VDOO とCCDSは、消費者がIoTデバイスをより安心、安全に利用できるよう活動していきます。

2020年6月19 日 東京

IoTデバイスのセキュリティプラットフォームのリーディングプロバイダーであるVDOO Connected Trust LTD.(本社 イスラエル テルアビブ)は、本日、一般社団法人 重要生活機器連携セキュリティ協議会(CCDS)と、日本の消費者向けのデバイスのセキュリティを促進することにおいて提携していくことを発表しました。



このCCDSセキュリティアセスメントサービスを利用する企業は、CCDSのサイトから申し込み、ファームウェアをVDOOのクラウドプラットフォームにアップロードするだけで診断結果を即座に得ることができます。提供開始は、7月~8月頃を見込んでおります。 (注:本サービスでCCDS認証を取得できるものではありません。)

「日本の消費者の皆様が、接続機器を安心、安全に利用できるようにするというCCDSの目標に協力できることを喜ばしく思います。日本や世界中で接続されている消費者向けデバイスの数が急速に増加していることを考え、それらのセキュリティレベルを向上させるために、それぞの国の製造企業と協力しながら、タイムリーなサービスを提供しています。」 と、VDOOの最高経営責任者(CEO)Netanel Davidiは述べています。

「IoTデバイスとサービスに対する脅威は急速に広がっています。製造企業は自社デバイスの脆弱性を知ることは、以前よりも重要になってきています。デバイスが使用している全てのオープンソースソフトウェア(OSS)のバージョンを追跡することがより難しくなっています。CCDSは、VDOO が日本の製造企業に無償のアセスメントサービスをを提供することを歓迎します」とCCDSの代表理事である荻野司氏は述べています。






CCDS について

一般社団法人 重要生活機器連携セキュリティ協議会(CCDS )は、日本において、接続される消費者向け機器の安心、安全の向上に努めています。人々の生命や財産を危険にさらす可能性のある予期しないデバイスの動作を回避するための活動を続けています。CCDSはセキュリティ意識向上を目指し、関係者のベストプラクティスになるような指針を掲げています。


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