Operations Monitoring

Real-time security monitoring for connected devices

In a quickly evolving cybersecurity landscape, connected (IoT) devices are constantly exposed to new attack methods after they have been deployed in the field. The ability to quickly detect emerging security issues – including both publicly exposed vulnerabilities and zero-day threats – and react to them on a timely basis is critically important to security operations and PSIRT teams. Vdoo constantly gathers and analyzes new connected device threat intelligence information such as new CVEs, malware, and exploits, and delivers it via real-time feeds. Using device composition data gathered via security analysis, we ensure that only issues that are relevant for the specific devices being monitored are presented.

Beyond ongoing threat intelligence, Vdoo helps you enhance your threat detection and response capabilities with deep visibility into suspicious activity or attack attempts on your devices in the field. Vdoo enables IoT device security monitoring through the integration of lightweight embedded runtime protection agents that are automatically tailored and generated for each device. Gather valuable device activity data and receive real-time alerts on events such as exploitation attempts, attempted modifications that can compromise device integrity, and abnormal device resource utilization.

Speed up threat response

Bolster your internal security operations, threat intelligence and PSIRT teams with relevant device and security intelligence information to enable fast response.

  • Track a broad range of threat intelligence including published vulnerabilities (CVEs), new unpublished vulnerabilities, security incidents and more
  • Quickly identify and proactively address new vulnerabilities, using resolution guidance from Vdoo to fix the issues before attackers have a chance to exploit them
  • Identify attacks on your operational devices in real time and mitigate them as fast as possible
speed up Threat response
Optimize security operations

Optimize security operations

Arm the right people and systems with the information they need through their preferred channels.

  • Receive alerts related specifically to your connected products – no need to sift through long feeds
  • Customize alert policies to your organization’s needs including the type of findings to cover, threat level thresholds, and who should receive the alerts 
  • Integrate the Vdoo platform with your existing security and asset management systems to efficiently triage and address new issues

Create new business opportunities

Enrich your offering with advanced security and introduce new managed security services.

  • Offer enhanced threat detection and response capabilities by integrating device runtime data and device-specific threat intelligence into your SOC, SIEM and other systems
  • Leverage device runtime and threat intelligence data to add or expand your managed security services offering
 Create New Business Opportunities

Why Monitor Your Device Security with Vdoo?

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