Connected Device Makers

Tackle the rising number of cyber-attacks without the need for in-house security expertise

The wide variety of IoT devices makes manually securing each device difficult and unscalable. VDOO’s automated security platform, based on a holistic deployment approach, enables connected device manufacturers to regain full control over their device security. The platform also provides visibility into third-party components within a complex supply chain while taking into account the device’s performance, and time-to-market.

Autonomous Security Analysis and Mitigation

Device-specific security-gap analysis and guided mitigation to implement the right security for your product and comply with industry standards

On-Device Runtime Agent Protection

Auto-tailored device-specific agent for detection and prevention against known and unknown threats, including zero-day vulnerabilities, taking into account device resources & performance.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Updates & push-alerts in real-time upon discovery of a new vulnerability that has a potential to affect the devices you make, allowing proper hardening actions before an exploitation attempt by the attacker.

Additional Offerings

As an extension to our platform, VDOO’s vast professional know-how in embedded systems can be leveraged for your specific needs in pen-testing, risk assessment, and security incident response.

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