VDOO for Connected Devices Makers

Offer your customers the safest IoT devices to tackle the rising number of cyber-attacks, even without in-house security practice.

The wide variety of IoT devices undermines the possibility of a generic security solution - specific know-how is required per device, makes it difficult and not scalable to manually specify the right & balanced security requirements, let alone with the lack of visibility into third-party components and supply chain complexity per. VDOO’s automated IoT security platform is based on pre-and-post deployment approach, enables connected devices manufacturers gain a full control over the device security through its entire life cycle, taking into account the device’s performance and time-to-market.

Autonomous Security Analysis and Mitigation

Device-specific security-gap analysis and guided mitigation to implement the right security for your product and comply with industry standards

Technology-Driven Objective Security Approval

Digital & physical on-device security stamp to help connected device makers in signaling that the necessary security requirements have been met.

On-Device Runtime Agent Protection

Auto-tailored device-specific agent for detection and prevention against known and unknown threats, including zero-day vulnerabilities, taking into account device resources & performance.

Predictive Security & Threat Detection Honeypot

Real-time intelligence on attack attempts, revealing the attacker’s malicious intentions and techniques before any real damage is done, and prior to infection of the deployed devices.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Updates & push-alerts in real-time upon discovery of a new vulnerability that has a potential to affect the devices you make, allowing proper hardening actions before an exploitation attempt by the attacker.

Additional Offerings

As an extension to our platform, VDOO’s professional and vast knowhow in embedded systems can be leveraged for your organization’s specific needs in pen-testing, risk assessment for new and existing IoT devices, or IoT incident response.

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