VDOO for Enterprises and Businesses

Gain control over your IoT security – safely implement new devices and tackle threats of existing ones, to protect your business continuity.

Connected devices are surrounding us, affecting almost every aspect of our business. This revolution holds significant benefits for the sake of efficiency and productivity based on real-time data. Yet, among all benefits, attention should focus also on the risks connected devices impose on your network. Even though IoT devices makers are in most cases the enabler for the device's security enhancement, there is still a lot to be done as the devices deployer. VDOO sets the control back in your hands, allow you to protect your most business-critical assets and expand ownership on security from only IT to IT & IoT.

Autonomous Security Analysis and Mitigation

Analyze the risk an IoT device imposes on your organization based on its attributes. Suitable for pre-purchase security assessment and post-purchase mitigation and hardening purposes.

On-Device Runtime Agent Protection

Detection and prevention against device-specific known and unknown threats, including zero-day vulnerabilities. Cooperate with the device maker to enable the ERA’s essential runtime security.

Honeypot Threat Detection

Detection tool lures the attacker to the honeypot to reveal its malicious intentions and techniques before it attacks your real devices.

Real-Time Alert Feed Tailored to Your IoT Assets

Push-alerts and updates once a new vulnerability that affects your network has been found, allowing you to perform device hardening actions before an attacker’s exploitation attempt.

Additional Offerings

As an extension to our platform, VDOO’s professional and vast knowhow in embedded systems can be leveraged for your organization’s specific needs in pen-testing, risk assessment for new and existing IoT devices, or IoT incident response.

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