IoT Security for the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality cybersecurity starts at the device level 
IoT devices for improved guest experience and business infrastructure have become common in hotels, casinos and restaurants, considerably broadening their attack surface. Recent events have shown how a casino’s database is stolen through a smart thermometer in an aquarium and a hotel’s entire smart lock installation is held hostage as part of a ransomware attack. Attacks like these not only pose threats to guests but also make device developers and location managers liable, damaging their reputation and shareholder equity.

Whether it’s connected lights, casino floor cameras, elevators or locks, you need end-to-end security.

Our engine automatically provides the blueprints for security by design, security gap analysis, hardening guidance, and implementation validation. Our physical and digital security certification will help you gain stakeholder and user trust, while our solutions for post-deployment protection will keep you secure from and up to date with the latest attacks and vulnerabilities.

This is how we help you secure the IoT world

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