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Securing connected devices
in automated building environments

The security challenge in automated building environments

Smart meters, lights, gates, HVAC units, security cameras, BMS (building management systems) and many more connected building automation products and systems all greatly increase the exposure to security threats and the risk of cyberattacks. Vulnerabilities in seemingly low-risk systems may end up compromising critical building functionality, even posing immediate physical threats to its occupants. For example, what would happen if by hacking a single security camera, someone is able to get through to critical building systems, such as those that control the elevators and HVAC machinery, and completely disable them? A single security incident can bring a halt to the activities of all the businesses in a single building, adding up to a liability of hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, if not more, not to mention endangering the safety of the tenants. 

Building Automation Industry
Building Automation

Strategic imperative for the entire smart building ecosystem

​ The recent proliferation in the number of vulnerabilities and offensive activities related to automated building systems has pushed customers and regulatory agencies to rapidly increase their demands for improved smart building security. At the same time, it has significantly increased the security-related risks to the business, reputation and bottom-line of related companies. As a result, smart building hardware device manufacturers, vendors and service providers need to address this strategic imperative by quickly scaling up their product security capabilities across all business units and product lines.  

Achieving optimal security for connected automated building products

This is where Vdoo comes in with the only automated device security platform that covers the entire building automation system lifecycle – from design, development and testing to deployment and maintenance. Our Integrated Device Security Platform is designed to rapidly scale across multiple business units and product lines, providing everything companies need to secure their connected products including interconnected capabilities such as security analysis, gap resolution, compliance validation, embedded protection, operations monitoring and actionable insights. The platform addresses both known and unknown vulnerabilities for first- and third-party components to ensure maximum security across complex supply chains where access to the source code is often not possible.

Building Automation

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