Technology-Driven Objective Third-Party Security Certification
VDOO provides an objective third-party certification to testify that the right security was baked into the device, using both a digital and physical device security stamp, allowing better differentiation and smarter purchasing decisions and a compliance check with leading global IoT security standards and requirements. 
The growing number of malware samples focused on IoT devices and the risk associated with non-secure devices creates the need to identify whether the device is secure or not before it is integrated into the user's network. VDOO’s on-device certification mechanism communicates the device’s security posture to other network nodes that interact with it accordingly.

Key features

Objective trust

Objective third-party certification to increase trust in the device among the different IoT ecosystem stakeholders  

Leading regulations & standards

Detailed description of the leading regulations and standards the device meets 

Smart decision-making

Enables the user to understand whether the device’s security state is acceptable  

Physical stamp

Visual certification stamp appears on the device packaging and a security widget in online purchase points  

Digital signature

Signaling mechanism embedded into the certified device communicates its security posture to other network nodes that interact with it accordingly