vdoo's New Agent For IoT Devices Provides Tailored Endpoint Security

January 21, 2019

Dell-backed Internet of Things startup vdoo launches an endpoint security agent for connected devices that automatically tailors a security policy based on the device’s unique characteristics, potentially providing managed service providers with a new opportunity to enter IoT.

After raising $13 million from Dell and other investors a year ago, Internet of Things startup vdoo has launched new agent software for connected devices that automatically tailors security features based on each device's specifications and vulnerabilities.

The Embedded Runtime Agent, also called ERA, launched on Monday, giving device manufacturers and systems integrators an end-to-end solution for securing internet-connected devices, which number in the tens of millions worldwide, ranging from medical devices to video cameras, and face cyber-threats that can steal data or even bring the internet to a halt,  as the device-controlling Mirai botnet did in 2016.

"The reality today is most of these device vendors are not taking security seriously enough," Alon Levin, vice president of product management at vdoo, told CRN.

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