Vdoo Releases Runtime Protection Agent For Connected Devices

January 22, 2019

Vdoo released its ERA – Embedded Runtime Agent for ongoing connected device security. The Vdoo agent is tailored for each device based on an analysis of its firmware binary by Vision – Vdoo ’s analysis platform, focusing on the device’s threat landscape and resources, while avoiding any performance or functionality impact to the device.

“While the Vdoo analysis solution, Vision, provides the ultimate tools to properly implement security building blocks and mitigate threats on connected devices, attack methods always evolve and one must have evolving countermeasures that can deal with the unknown. For that we offer ERA, the first and only runtime security solution for IoT that takes in account each devices’ specific attributes and threat landscape,” said Netanel Davidi, co-founder and co-CEO at Vdoo .

Based on Vdoo ’s analysis of more than 4,000 IoT device firmware binaries, 98% of firmware files contain at least one vulnerability that scored higher than 7.0 (High) on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSSv3) scale. This level of vulnerability is typically reserved for items with exploits which can be executed with minor or no authentication, either locally or remotely. In addition, in the past year, IoT makers have been able to address and mitigate more than 120 zero-day vulnerabilities using Vdoo ’s Vision analysis platform.

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