User awareness needed amid IP camera hacks

August 17, 2018

IP camera hacks have become a growing problem affecting users and the organizations they work for. While camera vendors have an important role to play, the users themselves should also take necessary measures to secure their products.
More and more, CCTV cameras have become a part of the Internet, and as such they face the same kind of threats and risk as all other devices sitting on the network. According to a  blog post  by Jungle Disk, in 2014 73,000 unsecured cameras were hacked and made available to the general public, and of that 11,064 cameras were in the United States. Since then, reports of hacks against IP cameras and NVRs kept coming out, the most notorious being the DDoS attacks against Dyn, resulting in shutdowns of major websites across the world.
These incidents underscore the importance of camera vendors making efforts to harden their products and devices so they are more secure against outside threats. However, cybersecurity is a two-way street. While the vendor has a major role to play, the user themselves should also take action to make their networkable devices more resistant to risk.

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