Two startups and two approaches to IoT security

January 31, 2018

Security is an ongoing challenge when it comes to connected devices. They have to be physically secure from a hardware perspective; their apps have be secure; and the cloud-based storehouse where they put data has to be secure. Finally, data traveling to or from any of those locations must be encrypted. There are dozens of potential weak links.

All of which assumes that the device maker cared about security in the first place and subsequently built secure features into its product. It also assumes the device makers’ suppliers felt the same. The end user has a role here, too, in that she has to choose a good password and at least try to  implement decent network security.

Really, it’s no wonder that we’re in the middle of a growing crisis in cybersecurity wrought by the internet of things. But in the last two weeks I’ve encountered two companies that could change the way we think about IoT security.

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