Scaling the IoT product security lifecycle with automation

October 15, 2018

Recent events around the globe once again shine a limelight on the security issues the IoT community is facing. From claimed attacks on chlorine plants in Ukraine to potential threats to entire medical systems, IoT devices have left their users at a disadvantage against attackers, and the reason might just be that the security minds of our generation are still approaching product security in a traditional way – manually.

The  IoT security  value chain continues to use custom methodologies and ad-hoc approaches when it comes to choosing the security objectives and controls that should be included or tested in a product. This leads to the implementation of narrow and arbitrary  security measures in IoT products  which, along with the pressures of increased features and fast time-to-market demands, is one of the causes of the poor state of security in the industry. Today, automated methods can make every step of the IoT security process more efficient and comprehensive.

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