2019 Internet Of Things 50: IoT’s Next Chapter

April 8, 2019

The need for solution providers to guide companies through IoT projects—from the procurement of hardware and sensors to the monitoring and management of new systems—is greater than ever before. Here are CRN’s picks for the 50 coolest IoT companies of the year that solution providers can look to for a leg up.

Trains with faster arrival times. Water systems with fewer disruptions. Factory machines with lower failure rates. These are just a few of the many promises of the Internet of Things, where sensors capture and send data from the physical world to computers for analysis to create valuable insights.

But the road to get there is by no means easy. It requires an ecosystem of sensors, hardware, software and security solutions working together, as well as solution providers who can play the role of a company’s trusted adviser and who know which tools to use in every situation.

For those reasons, the IoT market presents a massive opportunity for solution providers, with research firm forecasting that global spending in IoT to reach $745 billion in 2019. This includes spending on hardware, sensors and modules, installation and device services and software.

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