Proactive Threat Detection Honeypot
VDOO implements and maintains honeypot devices as an additional security layer of real-time intelligence on targeted attack attempts, to lure the attacker to find the honeypots before it reaches the real IoT devices. Thanks to the real-time monitoring and alerts, the attacker’s techniques and malicious intentions are exposed, allowing preventive actions before any real damage is done.  
Threats are evolving rapidly, while the IoT ecosystem is struggling to evolve its security at the same pace. Keeping up-to-date with the latest emerging threats is critical for protecting devices and the network they are connected to. With an automatically tailored honeypot, this is now possible. Quicksand™ “Bot” honeypots are deployed in the wild as relatively vulnerable devices with minimal to no security measures, to lure an attacker that can easily exploit it. Quicksand™ “Zero” honeypots are deployed as securely as possible, to reveal zero-days exploited by the most sophisticated and targeted attack attempts.

Key features

Scalable solution

Auto-tailored to any IoT device type based on analysis of the device’s firmware binary 

Deep intelligence

Real-time attack detection for a wide threats’ variety and 
zero-days discovery 

Preventive security

Reveal malicious intentions before any real damage is done or user devices are infected

Target device

Installed as a physical or emulated target device in an isolated network or VDOO’s global network 

Security configurations

Two versions – vulnerable “Bot” for common attack attempts, and hardened “Zero” for sophisticated attack attempts