Gap Resolution

Fast and efficient gap resolution guidance

Visibility into your highest-impact device security risks is a critical initial step to achieving security, but guidance on how to secure your specific connected and IoT devices is just as important. The Vdoo platform supplements its connected device security analysis findings with clear, device-specific remediation information for identified issues. Curated by our expert team, the remediation instructions include everything from quick step-by-step instructions to references to specific findings in the code to long knowledgebase articles that provide detailed background and context. Development teams that may not have access to deep security expertise, as well as security architects and researchers, can use the practical guidance to ensure device security with minimal impact on time-to-market.

Our goal is to provide the simplest issue resolution options – minimizing the need for software patching, re-coding, or architectural modifications, which can be difficult or impractical to implement while introducing new risks. In many cases, our guidance includes vulnerability mitigation methods that can be achieved without any device code changes and without any dependence on third-party vendors for externally sourced products. The Vdoo platform also provides an optional lightweight embedded runtime agent that can help mitigate the threats caused by device software vulnerabilities through its active protection mechanisms.

Easily resolve security exposures

Vdoo’s device security focused expertise and tools enable everyone to resolve security gaps, even developers who are not security experts.

  • Simple-to-understand background information on issues including their potential impact and how attackers may exploit them
  • Clear step-by-step vulnerability remediation instructions
  • Contextual information including specific references to relevant findings in the code
Increase security implementation efficiency

Increase security implementation efficiency

Focus on resolving the highest-priority security issues in the most efficient way.

  • Leverage device-specific impact analysis, prioritization, and compliance information to resolve only the issues that are relevant to your devices
  • Integrate the Vdoo platform with your SDLC tools and CI/CD workflows to provide developers with streamlined access to resolution information
  • Use clear guidance that advises you on the simplest and fastest methods to resolve your issues

Rapidly reduce risk

Reduce your exposure to known or newly discovered vulnerabilities and exploits by quickly addressing them.

  • Pinpoint the source of your issues, understand your resolution options and apply the guidance provided to quickly remediate issues
  • Use step-by-step instructions or integrate the Vdoo embedded runtime agent to mitigate vulnerabilities without lengthy and risky device code fixes when possible
  • Get access to the most relevant and up-to-date issue and resolution information, continually enhanced based on Vdoo threat intelligence and security research

Why Resolve Your Security Exposures with Vdoo?

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