Embedded Runtime Agent Protection
Independent multi-layer protection solution against known and unknown threats, including zero-day vulnerabilities, tailored automatically to the specific device without imposing a notable effect on its functionality and performance. 
The variety of malware samples and types crafted specifically for IoT devices reflect the attackers' awareness of the huge opportunity IoT holds. New threats will constantly continue to emerge – making an agent solution essential for protecting IoT devices by gaining on-demand mitigation capabilities.

Key features

Essential multi-layered protection

On-device runtime exploitation, malware execution, and network protection layers against a wide variety of known and unknown threats 

Specific & scalable

Automatically tailored for any IoT device type based on the specific threats the device is exposed to 

Low signature

No overhead utilization of CPU, storage & memory

Operation modes

Alert, prevent, & learn operation modes for choosing the agent’s desired action upon an attack attempt  

Adjustable policy

Fully granular protection policy according to the device operator or administrator needs and preferences