Product Security Expertise

The security expertise behind the technology

As the human intelligence powerhouse complementing the technology in our automated Vdoo platform, our security team supports our mission of helping companies that deal with products to ensure they are always secure. The team continuously gathers, analyzes and produces product security information, including the most up-to-date data on known and unknown vulnerabilities, as well as the product-specific guidance required to mitigate them.

Our team includes world-class experts with many years of experience in software architecture and vulnerability research, reverse engineering, and binary code analysis, enabling them to continually enhance the Vdoo knowledgebase that feeds into all our products. Their activities include analyzing the firmware of many product types across multiple industries and their security mechanisms, researching new attack methods, actively uncovering and following the latest threats, and discovering and responsibly disclosing new zero-day vulnerabilities.

Extensive analysis experience

Achieving precise, product-specific, well-prioritized security information is a challenge that requires deep technical domain expertise. Through the extensive experience of our team—100% focused on product security—we are unique in our ability to produce highly accurate results without requiring access to the product's source code. Vdoo’s automated analysis capabilities are continually enhanced and fine-tuned via inspection by our researchers and developers.

The team has analyzed thousands of products to populate our proprietary database with hundreds of millions of binaries which have altogether impacted over 1.5 billion products across multiple industries.

Extensive Analysis Experience
Comprehensive security coverage

Comprehensive security coverage

Our goal is to provide companies with a complete picture of their products’ security posture, recommend fast remediation measures, and enable effective protection throughout their lifecycle. This requires a foundation of both broad and deep intelligence on the security aspects of products and their software components.

In addition to original product security research that has resulted in the discovery and responsible disclosure of hundreds of new zero-day vulnerabilities to date, the team enhances the Vdoo knowledgebase by continually monitoring external sources including open source projects, vulnerability and exploit databases, industry standards and regulations, social media, and community disclosure programs.

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