Compliance Validation

Easily validate compliance with standards and regulations

As the connected device market continues to mature and permeate our lives, device manufacturers, vendors, operators and service providers are facing ever increasing demands to ensure that their connected products comply with security regulations and standards covering a range of industries, geographies, and technologies such as cryptography and networking. This creates a great deal of complexity and significant challenges for companies looking to address the multitude of requirements, many of which are being continuously updated.

Vdoo helps you speed up and streamline your security compliance processes in multiple ways. First, the security exposures detected by the Vdoo platform with our automated security analysis are explicitly mapped to specific requirements in dozens of standards, such as IEC 62443, UL-2900, FIPS 140-2, and ENISA Baseline Security Recommendations for IoT, quickly providing information on any fulfilled and unfulfilled requirements in your devices. Easy-to-follow remediation guidance helps you quickly close any detected compliance gaps.

Second, it is possible to enforce compliance based on your own internal policies or customer expectations by defining the set of requirements tracked by the Vdoo platform that must be fulfilled. Thus you can easily ensure that the products you deliver address all your selected requirements – both internally developed products by scanning new or updated device images to validate compliance before release, and third-party sourced products by sending guidelines to the vendors and validating compliance by scanning their device image prior to approval. Finally, the Vdoo platform helps you achieve compliance with various standards that mandate the use of the security functionality it provides, such as security testing, continuous threat monitoring and vulnerability management.

Simplify compliance audits

Quickly obtain compliance information and specific evidence for your devices.

  • Easily view a list of the requirements tracked by the Vdoo platform that are aligned with a particular standard, as well as the specific sections to which they apply
  • Obtain detailed information and evidence of compliance or non-compliance, including references to specific findings within your devices
  • Check the compliance status of third-party products without requiring access to their source code
Simplify Compliance Audit
Speed Compliance efforts

Speed up compliance efforts

Easily identify and remediate unfulfilled requirements using automated scanning and gap resolution guidance.

  • Run automated device scans to quickly get status information on compliance with the requirements of various industry standards
  • Use detailed compliance information to guide your product security action plans and prioritization
  • Follow step-by-step remediation information to quickly address unfulfilled requirements

Meet security requirements

Implement the security measures needed to meet your requirements and streamline enforcement of your product security policies.

  • Automate compliance checks to quickly validate adherence to external standards as well as customer requirements and internal product security guidelines
  • Leverage Vdoo platform capabilities to achieve compliance with requirements that mandate device security testing, vulnerability assessment, and continuous monitoring
Meet security requirements

Why Validate Your Devices’ Security Compliance with Vdoo?

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