Vdoo Certified Security Engineer (VCSE)

Vdoo Certified Security Engineer (VCSE)

Become the focal point for your company's embedded systems security efforts

Security for connected devices can seem like a daunting task but it can no longer be neglected, even though it is costly and difficult to find subject matter experts or gain the unique knowledge and skills required to develop secure-by-design embedded systems.

Vdoo is opening its knowledge vault to provide embedded device professionals the fundamental device security knowledge they need to develop secure connected devices.

    Interested in becoming a Vdoo Certified Security Engineer?

    VCSE overview

    The certification program is a formal, hands-on, two-day course that provides extensive insights into the secure development of embedded devices. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive official security engineer certification.

    • Gain the device security expertise you need
    • Join an exclusive network of device security professionals
    • Receive a digital badge and printed certificate of recognition
    • Get two hours of device security consulting with our world-class experts
    VCSE Diploma
    VCSE Program

    Program content at a glance

    • Threats - Learn and practice methods to avoid and prevent attacks such as exploitations and payload executions
    • Architecture - Take an in-depth look into IoT components and how to secure them
    • Testing methods - Review and leverage open-source and advanced testing tools to identify potential security issues