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See how Vdoo goes beyond traditional Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools by providing more accurate results, fewer false positives, and precise vulnerabilities prioritization. Our vertical-agnostic SaaS platform exposes a wide range of security issues, including CVEs and configuration risks, and offers a comprehensive view of the software security posture.

Empower your development team to resolve crucial security issues promptly and accurately, regardless of security domain expertise, and improve software security levels together with time-to-market and release cycles of any software deployment.

Our comprehensive platform offers:

Additional Insights
Additional insights

Comprehensive coverage of software and hardware components

Contextual Risk Assesment
Contextual risk assessment

Get more accurate prioritization and fewer false positives

Reduced friction between teams
Reduced friction between teams

Complete visibility that bridges gaps for security and dev teams

Actionable mitigation guidance
Actionable mitigation guidance

Practical solutions that yield better results

Visibility into software and supply chain risk
Visibility into software and supply chain risk

No need for source code access

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