Actionable Insights

Intelligently plan, execute and coordinate your security efforts

The Vdoo platform gives you the visibility and data you need to take a strategic company-wide approach to product security. Based on automated, device-aware security analysis for each device, our dashboards provide everyone across the organization – from executives to managers - an up-to-date snapshot of the device security status across multiple product lines and business units. Vdoo’s embedded device binary analysis capabilities let you see and compare the security posture of your internally developed devices, as well as those of products and components sourced from third parties.

Easily define and execute actions based on the insights gathered, in accordance with your business culture and needs – fix high priority issues in all impacted devices leveraging the Vdoo gap resolution and embedded protection capabilities, define product release security policies, shift allocation of resources among different product lines and business units, identify key bottlenecks and needs for additional security investments such as technology or training, refine your supply chain strategy to ensure device security, adjust your security levels according to industry benchmarks, and more.

Increase security awareness

Provide critical visibility into the relevant information regarding device security levels to key stakeholders across all business units – from C-level executives to product line managers.

  • Benefit from a realistic picture of your overall device security status based on automated device-specific security analysis for each product.
  • Compare your device security levels with industry benchmarks for similar products
Increase Security Awareness
Improve Your Security Posture

Improve your security posture

Utilize the broad visibility into the security status of products across your portfolio to quickly resolve the highest priority security gaps.

  • Assess security levels across business units and product lines to identify your most vulnerable areas
  • Implement desired security improvements rapidly and efficiently using the comprehensive device-specific analysis information and gap resolution capabilities provided by the Vdoo platform

Optimize your security investments

Gain the information you need to drive smart business decision making regarding your product security investments.

  • Make informed decisions about resource allocation to multiple security aspects including technology, training, operations, architecture and strategy
  • Track the efficacy of your investments over time by examining device security trends
Optimize Your Security Investments

Why Generate Device Security Insights with Vdoo?

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