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IoT Security

For IoT, Trust is a Must

The “connected things” revolution is changing our lives. However, with all the advantages that these connections bring, the scale, diversity, and complexity of connected devices lead to unmatched security challenges and new vulnerabilities. These in turn lead to trust issues, which may delay adoption rates and slow the growth of the IoT industry.

The only real solution for this fast-growing threat is a device-specific strategy with the backing of a guarding IoT community. A solution that IoT vendors can implement, reassuring their clients that they are taking the right measures to ensure products are safe for commercial and home use.

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Our Unique Approach


Identifies all device attributes, determines device-specific security requirements and recognizes security gaps.

IoT Solution


Device-specific, practical, actionable
guidelines for fast, cost-effective security implementation.



A visual certification and digital IoT certification engine that communicates to other systems that security requirements have been met.


VDOO Finds Major 0-Day Vulnerabilities

It is our long-term mission to continuously assess the security of the connected devices that surround us.

To this end, we have been conducting a comprehensive research with the goal of changing the reality we live in – a reality where connected devices are manufactured and sold without sufficient attention to their security.

Our initial focus was on security cameras. In the coming months, we plan to share our unique findings, including zero-days found by our research team in devices manufactured by leading vendors.

Security Camera Vulnerability

An analysis of IoT attacks over the past 18 months, shows that even the simplest hacks, whether at organization or at home, can have serious, even dire, consequences. The past attacks seem like a test run for future attacks by the organized attackers, a fact that highlights the magnitude and severity of upcoming attacks.

About Us

A mission-driven company established to change the face of IoT security, VDOO aims to become the Security Authority (SA) for Connected Devices. Having created a vendor-friendly, device-focused security framework, VDOO enables the cybersecurity certification of manufacturers and devices, as well as post-deployment security for these devices.

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